personal introduction

Hi, I'm Amar!
Nice to meet you.

My story

I am Dutch with Surinamese roots, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and I have the ambition to visit (at least) 5 new countries every year. I’m a huge cat (animal) fanatic with my own Bengal cat Saya. I like working out and practicing martial arts (Shaolin, Wing Chun, Kickboxing)

In addition to my work as consultant, I do event and portrait photography for personal clients and non-profits and I regularly work on volunteering projects. Active as diversity and sustainability ambassador

The meaning of Sytare

Sytare is my story of exploring, connecting, and discovering. 

In Hindi सितारा (sitārā) and Persian ستاره (setareh) means planet, star or constellation. In Arabic سِتَارَة (sitarah) is a veil. Mysterious, luminous and full of opportunity. It emphasizes my drive to seek out the unknown. In Albanian shquar (sytár) is used to describe a marksman, accurate and focused on their target. 

💼Senior Management Consultant  Data Science and Strategy, Capgemini Invent

🇨🇭 MSc ETH Earth Sciences  ETH Zürich 

🇺🇸 Earth and Planetary Sciences  University of New Mexico

🇳🇱 BSc (hons) Earth Sciences  Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Who have I worked with?

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