explore, capture, connect.

Amar B. Sitabi

A short introduction

My life is all about new experiences and connection. I delve into Earth’s stories, capturing vibrant cultures through my lens, and steering positive change. Join me on my journey where each chapter unfolds with more adventure, more memories, new lessons learned, and impactful work. Personally I want to shape my story devoted to a brighter and more inclusive world. 

My current ambition is to visit 5 new countries every year in order to learn more about other cultures, get inspired from the nature and connect with new people. In addition to that I love to learn and get challenged: from taking salsa and bachata classes to participating in deep and open-minded discussions. I’m always open to hear you out or work out solutions together.

How can I help you?

trusted advisor

With my toolkit of numerous experiences, I can empower you with strategic insights, personalized solutions, and collaborative guidance. Together, we navigate your challenges and work towards your northern star.
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capturing moments

As partner I capture moments in events, portraits, and even cherished pet memories. With a keen eye for detail and creativity, I tailor each session to your unique vision, ensuring every moment becomes a timeless masterpiece.
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positive impact

As a geologist and volunteer, I champion (cultural) diversity, nature and sustainability. Through capturing vibrant cultures and advocating for sustainability, I weave these principles into every facet of my journey.
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